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is a workshop based on a work of physical training and improvisation. We will focus on the research and relationship with space and surroundings that will inspire the creation of movements and performative material.
It begins with the awakening of the senses through warming up, subsequently, through good physical work, we will find very simple sequences that will be transformed into theatrical actions.

Dates of the workshop: 5-12-19-26 of November (18:30-20:00)

Location: De Meevaart, Balistraat 48a, first floor

60 euro (15 euro per lesson) excl. tax.

55 euro (excl. tax.) if you pay within the 31st of October




























2-3 June 2018

10 am-16 pm

Huis de Pinto, Amsterdam

Open to singers, theatre makers and for everyone who has affinity with music and theatre and is willing to spend two days of full immersion!

The workshop combines the theatrical and musical worlds thanks to the use of improvisation, which is the element that plays a fundamental role in both disciplines.

We will work on circle songs with the great singer Joey Blake, who works for a long time with Bobby Mc Ferrin, and explore the theatrical techniques and improvisation with Ilaria Forciniti, theatre director at Scriccioli Theatre Lab, actress and jazz singer based in Amsterdam.
The two days workshop aims to create a short montage where the circle songs will become a short theatrical performance.

Price: 150 euro ( Subscriptions to be made within the 25th of May, after this date, the full  price is 180 euros)


Ilaria Forciniti Theatre
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