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Directed by Ilaria Forciniti
Nina Virant
Jonė Urniežiūtė
Eliška Vondráček Horehleďová
Marco Amoroso

A state of having, owning or having control over a physical object. Or over someone, and be manifested through their whole being. Demons and devils of nowaday’s capitalism. Rat race. Materialism. Witches. Ferocious rituals. Brainwashed, blurred, burn out. Depression. Possessed. To possess. Victims of the platform we all are driven by. And sucked in.

The Greek myth by Euripides,  The Bacchae, was an inspiration for awakening the constant seeking and longing for true happiness, human connection between her and her son, through the eyes of nowaday’s capitalistic and materialistic society. It reflects the psychological dealing with the traumatic event, it shifts between ups and downs, nightmares, dreams and reality.


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