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Echoes is an intimate theatrical performance that takes place in people’s homes: a space in which it is possible to tell stories and listen to them. It is a private moment that allows to share feelings and memories and in which each participant can feel at home. 

In the intimacy of a house, a group of actors will lead the public through a theatrical journey...

A flexible and adaptable performance that aims to create an active but gentle participation of the spectator that is called to engage and connect with memories thanks to the soft touch of storytelling. Fragments of the actors’ real lives and memories will fill the different spaces, with care and honesty, in a game of subtle interaction with the audience. Because if there is a story to be told, there is always someone that can be touched by it, always knowing that surrounded by the walls of our ‘home’, “our memories are safe”. 

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“Echoes allowed me to witness other’s intimacy and memories. Intimacy is powerful and when shared it creates bond, with the performers and with the rest of the audience. Overall a very touching experience.”              


                                        Simona Beltrami

Audience's reactions:

Amazing feeling to be part of the performance; sharing memories, to be able to contribute in a warm and inviting environment. Food for thoughts!

I really enjoyed every minute of it!

Thank you Ilaria Forciniti and friends!


                                        Joke Bouma

“Such an exciting and new way of experiencing theatre! "Echoes" brings the people and actors together in an intimate setting and before you notice you are part of a performance. It's just wonderful!”


                                        Hendrik Mueller

“Echoes gives you the possibility of feeling safe to share. It creates intimacy and closeness to all the people in the room.

Thanks Scriccioli!”    


                                        Fabiola Camuti

Dynamic, warm and personal. "Echoes" enabled to combine the recaption of intimate home memories with laughter and meeting new friends. 



                                    Annemijn van Der Schaar

Act II: Bathroom's Echoes
Ilaria Forciniti Theatre
Ilaria Forciniti Theatre
Ilaria Forciniti Theatre
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